“I have been using anti depressant for some time now and thought I have an orgasm it is not something to talk about. Really hard work……With At Last the orgasm is something else. I keep telling my friends about the wonderful little tube works wonders.”

“I have been using At Last for Men and…what can I say. It enhances the whole orgasm. It really lasts longer and the feeling is out of this world. I just want to keep on going and going! The fact that it involves an active role from my wife enhances everything.”

“At last……I can really say At last a feeling that I experienced when I was a young girl and a tired housewife. At last put some zest back in my SEX life.”

“Why did it take so long for this wonder product to be marketed? I have been waiting for some time! At last this in available and at last I do not have to fake anymore!”

“I wish ATLAST for women had been around for the last 39 years, it would have saved me hours and hours of work! (Free  State Farmer married 39 years)”

 “We always pack our tube of AtLAST first when we go away. We won’t live without it!”

“Men’s gel has saved my sexlife. Since AIDS when I’ve had to use condoms, I couldn’t feel anything because of the condom. The men’s gel has given me back my feeling and I feel happy using condoms with AtLAST for men.” (Nico age 39)

“The Sexdrive tabs have worked for me. I have more energy and more sex. I need to give them to my husband too.” (Pemela, married 24 years).


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