The original, safe, vitamin enriched gel that enhances orgasm.

Developed and manufactured by a female medical doctor and homeopath.

ATLAST FOR WOMEN HOW IT WORKS: At LAST for women works by dilating the blood vessels in the area around the clitoris. The clitoris is the pleasure centre of the female genitalia. There are as many nerve endings in the clitoris as in penis and they

Anatomy of the Vulva (external genitalia): The clitoris is the female equivalent of the penis. It is designed purely for pleasure and has thousands of nerve endings. It is protected by a clitoris hood which retracts to allow the clitoris to engorg

Masters and Johnson describe the female response cycle in 4 stages. Stage 1 – Excitation or Arousal: This stage begins 20-30 seconds after erotic stimulation. The woman physically experiences increased vaginal lubrication along with expan

AtLast for Women Symptoms of sexual problems: Sexual dysfunction is extremely common, 54% of women report some sort of sexual difficultly These can be divided up into: Difficulty with arousal,  for example: Dry vagina, hormone imb

“I am 58. Was too shy to tell my husband but first tried it during a masturbation session. It worked perfect and felt more comfortable to tell him what I’m using. We now have great sex.” Kristy – Age 58 “at LAST there
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