The original, safe, vitamin enriched gel that enhances orgasm.

Developed and manufactured by a female medical doctor and homeopath.



At LAST for men works by dilating the blood vessels in the head of the penis. This equates to better sensation and better orgasm. It can be used under a condom which enhances the sexual experience and is safe oral sex. It works within 3 minutes and l

The Anatomy of the Penis: This consists of two parallel corpora cavernosa (cavernous bodies) in line with the corpius spongiosum (spongy body), which encircles the urethra on the underside of the penis and expands as its tip to form the glands. Pr

Symptoms of sexual problems. Symptoms in Men 53% of men report sexual difficulties which encompass difficulty with desire. Stress and depression contribute to lack of desire as do some medications ( eg. Blood pressure tabs, anti-depressant &

“I have been using anti depressant for some time now and thought I have an orgasm it is not something to talk about. Really hard work……With At Last the orgasm is something else. I keep telling my friends about the wonderful little
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