Following the success of AT LAST gel, Dr Lorraine Becker has launched AT LAST Sex Drive , a libido tonic for men and women.
“It will absolutely spice up your sex life,” says Becker, in reference to its herbs and spices composition. The spices contain sex-enhancing properties and product trials have shown people to have more energy. “With higher energy levels, people are more inclined to want sex.”
Sex Drive has been developed in association with Dr Glenn Ferguson a homeopath who owns W.Last, a manufacturing company which has an extensive range of products on the market. The tonic is suitable for men and women and may be used for general well being.
It is listed with the Medicines Control Council and Sex Drive was launched on the 4 th of April 2005. It is available in tablet form at pharmacies countrywide.
The next exciting product on the cards is a gel for men, developed as a result of the huge demand for the women's gel. It is alcohol free and promises to enhance orgasm and improve erection – AT LAST!
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You need a healthy, fulfilled sexlife

You could be one of the 46% of women in South Africa who fake orgasms, often just “to get it over with quickly.” You no longer need to pretend. Dr Lorraine Becker, a Johannesburg practitioner, has developed a gel which helps women achieve orgasm and enables them enjoy full sexual satisfaction AT LAST!

“Recent global research has revealed an astonishingly high percentage of women who do not have a fulfilling sexlife,” commented Dr Becker. “Sexual intimacy is an important part of a relationship and when it is unsatisfactory, it can lead to psychological and emotional as well as physical problems. Over two decades of practice, I have had thousands of women in my rooms who complain about a poor sexlife and who seldom, if ever, reach a climax. These experiences led me to research and develop a gel for women which would help them achieve orgasm and thus improve their sexlife and in the longer term, their relationship with their partner as well.”

The gel, appropriately called “AT LAST”, was developed in conjunction with a homeopath and contains vitamins which aid lubrication and natural amino acids which help trigger an orgasm. “AT LAST” is a natural gel formulation which is not messy and is water-soluble. The gel base was chosen for its capacity to deliver the ingredients in a more bio-available form. “The gel works by dilating the blood flow in the clitoral area,” explained Dr Becker. “Increased blood flow heightens sensation which stimulates a climax.” AT LAST contains no hormones or irritants and can be used by women on antidepressants.

“It is safe to use as often as you like and is recommended by gynaecologists, urologists and sexologists. “

Most women need stimulation of the clitoris to arrive at orgasm – penetration only is not enough. The gel can be used as an integral part of foreplay. The partner should gently rub the gel into and around the clitoral area using light feathery strokes, increasing blood flow to the area. Added blood flow equates with increased sexual pleasure.

Once applied, the gel causes rapid dilation of blood vessels and the effect lasts for 30-90 minutes. Since it is an entirely natural product it can be used safely during oral sex. It is however not recommended during pregnancy. Studies have shown that orgasms during pregnancy can cause premature labour.

“The gel has proved immensely popular, with some women – and their partners - buying several tubes at a time,” smiled Dr Becker. She is now also developing a range of other products identified as necessary by her years in medical practice.

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